With the volume of the data increasing rapidly and greatly nowadays, making best use of the large scale of data becomes more necessary, which also accelerates the development of data mining technology. Thus, the openminer, as a data mining engine, is developed on java for analysis of dataset with the methods of data mining. By making use of openminer, we could discovery the knowledge which interests us but hides in the raw data.





Before openminer, there is an open source project called weka, which is also used for data mining but it can only process small scale of dataset. Weka is developed as a toolkit of data mining and machine learning algorithms, so it is not easy to be grated directly in the application software system.

Openminer, as a data mining engine, provides a serials of interfaces and can be used in the projects which need data analysis service. It is an independent server program that can works in background. Openminer is also the container of data mining algorithms, it provides classical and new mining algorithms for association rules, classifier rules and cluster rules. We have already taken this data mining engine as a component of Credit Decision System which analyses the information about students. We integrated openminer with the web application of the students information management system. So, the fact approves that openminer can work efficiently and do great contribution to the projects with data analysis service.


Sunday, 2006-10-08

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